Technical parameters


Fully modulated with firing manager electrical ignition device and flame monitoring. 75 kW power in smooth regulation from 20-100% of power with firing manager electrical ignition device and flame monitoring.


The Seller gives the Buyer a one-year warranty for the SR30 roasting line

The Roaster

  • FuelBurner fuel: LPG/Natural gas/Biogas
  • gas supplyGas supply pressure: 20-50 mbar (37 optimally)
  • power supplyPower supply: 3x400VAC

Roasting coffee on SR30

  • Roaster can be ordered from acid steel

  • Made in Poland by artisan methods

  • SR30 is compatible with SA25 Afterburner

  • Double wall drum

  • Temperature sensors in coffee and in exhaust gases

  • Stainless steel drum cover

  • Fully modular burner

  • Drum and exhaust gas fan speed control

  • PLC controller with a 15” touch panel

  • Automatic and manual modes

  • Profiles and roasting recipe saving function

  • Supports external software

  • Body made of cast iron

  • Coffee roaster has an additional offer with a destoner and green coffee loader

  • Connection type: L+N+PE

  • Machine is ready to work with Artisan Scope and Cropster software

  • Service access to the device via the Internet



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