Technical Parameters Of Electrostatic Precipitator SR15

Electrostatic Precipitator: Compatible with SR15 coffee roaster

  • efficiency Removal efficiency rate: >98%
  • wind resistance Wind resistance: <100 Pa
  • power supplyPower: 840 W
  • weightNet weight: 244 kg
  • power consumptionPower consumption: 0.64 kW
  • gas supply Input power: 220 V / 50 Hz
  • Warranty Manufacturer date: 10/2020
  • certificate Certification: ISO 9001:2015 + CE + RoHS


  • Flange size (w*h): 1560*530 mm

  • The smoke and particles removal efficiency rate is over 98%. Allows for discharge at street level and into public spaces outdoors

  • Modular in design: easy installation, maintenance, and cleaning

  • Cost effective & eco-friendly

  • Electric intensity auto-control function ensures the unit maintains a high purification rate after a long time of service.

  • Safety and stability: door-open power-off protection; over-current, voltage&temperature protection

  • Significantly reduces the accumulation of e.g. soot in ducts and fire hazard


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