Technical parameters Of Automatic Scale 3 KG:

Automatic scale intended for coffee roasters packing their coffee in bags from 10g to 3000g. After introducing the roasted coffee into the upper hopper, enter the value to be entered on the control device. The microcomputer will separate a given portion and pour it out. The machine is indispensable for the work of every roastery – saves time, reduces waste, improves dosing accuracy, and reduces the risk of contaminants entering the product.

Speed test performed:

3000 g -24 s 2000 g – 19 s 1000 g – 12 s 500 g – 7 s 200 g – 5 s 100 g – 5 s

Tests Automatic weighing machine

  • Material: acid-resistant steel with structure

  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty

  • Accuracy up to 2g

  • Dimensions in files to download

  • CE certificate

  • On wheels

Download Specifications Of Automatic Scale 3 KG:


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