About SA25 Afterburner:

The SA25 Afterburner works by heating the coffee roaster exhaust gasses up to 650 °C (minimum 300°C). This process effectively breaks down the odor, smoke, and harmful volatile organic compounds, precipitated during the coffee roasting process. Finally, the result is a clean exhaust stream – free of smoke and odor. Afterburner is compatible with the SR25 and SR15 coffee roaster – automatic start. Device connected to the cyclone of the coffee roaster.

Fully Modulated Burner:

  • Burner power: 35-91 kW
  • Double-walled construction

  • External structure made of steel S235

  • Internal structure made of 1.4841 steel

  • Insulated with an aluminosilicate mat

  • Fully modular burner

  • Temperature sensor

  • Compact universal controllers

  • Temperatures may be monitored on the controller display

  • CE certificate

  • Perfect emission control and environmental compliance

Download Specifications Of SA25 Afterburner:


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