San Franciscan’s SF1 Sample Roaster

This is the Cutest, Front-of-Shop Coffee Roaster You’ll Ever Find!

And it’s ready to ship – RIGHT NOW!

Here’s THE sweetheart of Sample Coffee Roasters – the San Franciscan SF1. Not only adorable but made by one of America’s premier coffee roaster manufacturers. And this little jewel is a miniature of its brothers, the SF6 & SF25 – same quality, same look!
Purchased by the original owner direct from SF in 2012, this machine’s use has only been for sampling. The run average was 20 roasts every 3 months, or 80 roasts a year over the 9 years of use.


No longer needed in course of business so it’s being offered for sale. It’s decommissioned and waiting to be crated up and shipped to you!
This one does NOT have the data logging feature but has been told it’s available direct from San Franciscan for a few hundred dollars.
The SF1 is able to roast 8 oz. (200g) to 1.3 lbs. (590g) of green coffee per batch with up to three roasts per hour. This roaster gives you a maximum roast capacity of 4 lbs per hour.
Currently has propane burners (can be swapped to natural gas w/ a kit from San Franciscan). It also has 2 temp probes – Environmental Temp/inside the chamber (ET), & Bean Temp (BT).
Comes with a matching connected chaff collector, all secured to a beautiful hardwood custom base.




CONTACT SALES DIRECT @ 650-569-0170 to discuss getting this to your roastery!
All roasters are sold as-is. Crating and Shipping are not included in the listed price.


CONDITION: Excellent
LAST USED: Nov/2021
POWER: Propane
CAPACITY: 1 lb. per batch
WEIGHT: 137 lbs.
DIMENSIONS: 33″x16″x27″

Features of the San Franciscan Roaster Model SF-1
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  • San Franciscan Roasters are built completely in The United States of America.
  • The SF-1 has the same quality instrumentation as the larger San Franciscan roasters.
  • Parts can be purchased in the USA or internationally.
  • Maintenance is easy and simple. The pipes and motors are exterior and can be taken off to clean.
  • The cooling tray detaches for easy cleaning.
  • The chaff cyclone is in the cylinder that sits behind the roaster, making it much easier to clean.
  • Fan motor assembly can be completely removed from the roaster for easy cleaning.
  • The roaster has RTD probes that measure the bean temperature and the environment temperature. The probes connect to a dual-digital display that shows both temperatures simultaneously during the roast.
  • A high-quality gas pressure gauge allows the user to closely monitor BTU input.
  • San Franciscan roasters are powder coated providing a very durable finish.
  • The San Franciscan Roaster and drum are hand-fabricated of 100% schedule 40 steel. This ideal material maintains excellent thermal transfer characteristics without becoming brittle over time.
  • Roasting time is 10-15 minutes depending on roast-master preference.
  • The face-plates are 1/4” steel.
  • San Franciscan roasters are made with well-known high-quality American-made motors, sprockets, bearings, and other components by companies such as Baldor, Morris, Martin Bearings, Honeywell components, etc.
  • Comes complete with temperature probes for bean and environment temperatures, gas pressure gauge, and hot-air control.
  • San Franciscan Coffee Roasters are compatible with most data-logging programs and your choice of data logger can easily be built into your new roaster.


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